Making Contact: The Inside Pitch

So far, in your quest to make contact, you’ve learned how to set up, practiced your stride, and taken on the finer points of flat-hand hitting. You’re now ready to make contact – and on your way to becoming a successful hitter.

Making Contact: Flat-Hand Hitting

If any single idea dominates my overall approach to hitting it is my undying belief in the advantages of flat-hand hitting.  Here’s why…

Making Contact: The Stride

As you continue taking steps toward becoming a successful hitter, one of the crucial steps is actually making a stride.

Making Contact: The Setup

The starting point of making contact – the starting point of becoming a successful hitter – is the setup.

Making Contact

The key to making good contact doesn't begin and end with the contact itself.

Understanding the Spin on the Ball

Reading the spin of different pitches is a science that doesn’t come easy.

The Rules of Reading the Spin of the Ball

Knowing where and when to look.

Seeing the Ball

In many sports, it’s called being “in the zone.” In baseball, it’s “seeing the ball.”

Setting up the Pitcher

Just as a pitcher can set up a batter, I feel a hitter can set up a pitcher.

The Flex Stance and Studying the Pitcher

When using the flex-stance, the key to making it work starts with knowing when to be flexible.

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