Rod Carew’s Hit to Win: Batting Tips and Techniques

In the more than 40 years since Rod Carew debuted in the big leagues, he's watched thousands of great and not-so-great hitters, while discerning the fundamentals of success at the plate. Countless hours spent experimenting, watching video, and refining his own techniques have helped transform Carew from one of the game's best hitters to one of its most revered teachers.

Rod Carew's “Hit to Win” teaches hitters how to develop their own swing, stance, and plate approach, all within the framework of solid fundamentals. Detailed photos and diagrams help students envision and execute success at the plate. Carew's hitting philosophy is featured here as well, with a focus on the mental and psychological battle between a hitter and a pitcher. Carew encourages his students to be creative and flexible in the batter's box, making Rod Carew's “Hit to Win” the ideal instructional tool for hitters of all ages and skill levels.
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